About us

Cottage community Green Hills is the first American cottage community in Ukraine with fully operating social and engineering infrastructure created by British developer Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development. 

The cottage community is located in a green area near the village of Vita-Poshtova, 10 km apart from Kiev. It is surrounded by beautiful forest and three lakes. Joint barbecue with neighbors on weekends and family celebrations in warm and friendly atmosphere – that's what makes life here unique. A high level of comfort and service will make you forget about all daily problems.
We recommended you to watch video interviews with the residents of Green Hills. We are proud that life here makes our residents happy .

Today in Green Hills (as of 1 of February 2017):

  • sold 120 households
  • built 92 houses
  • inhabited 56 houses
At Green Hills's residents disposal:
  • 24/7 service company and security
  • Britannica School and 2 kindergardens
  • Green Hills Deli&Cafeteria market with summer terrace
  • Private medical center
  • Traditional American BBQ area
  • Vivid kids' playgrounds
  • Four modern sport playgrounds: 2 universal playgrounds for tennis, volleyball, mini-football, basketball, separate playground for beach volleyball and outdoor fitness court
  • Service of family doctor
Also we plan to open:
  • Fitness center with indoor swimming pool
  • Car wash station
  • Mini-cinema
You will not have to worry about the domestic and engineering systems, since Green Hills has already taken care of:
  • Electric substation
  • Gas supply system
  • Сentralized potable water-supply system
  • Centralized service utility water-supply system
  • Centralized sewerage system
  • Digital cable TV and high-speed ??Internet
  • Automatic watering system
  • Centralized fire extinguishing system