Обслуживающая компания коттеджного городка под Киевом Green Hills.

Professional service company

The professional staff of Grand Development service company is there for you anytime, 24/7, within just one phone call. They know everything about the components of real comfort. Whether it’s time to trim the lawn in front of your house, or clean the snow along the drive way, they’ll do that for you.
These are only few of many maintenance services performed on a regular basis, along with other technical works you may require around your home. In order to ensure safety of the residents and their families, Green Hills’ maintenance company works exclusively with professional security companies, constantly monitoring their work. Enjoy life – Grand Development will take care of the rest!

The list of services provided by the service company:

  1. Maintenance, overhaul and repair, plumbing, fire safety engineering and social infrastructure.

  2. Maintenance and service of common areas (lighting, heating, air conditioning, cleaning, plumbing, etc.).

  3. Sanitary maintenance of wells, water purification filters and sanitizing storage tanks of purified water.

  4. Protection by professional security company of local infrastructure and common areas, control of visitors to the town, patrolling the campus.

  5. Collection and disposal of household waste from public areas and residents' garbage cans (in front of the house) at least three times a week.

  6. Clearing snow and ice from public areas in winter.

  7. Greening of local infrastructure and public areas (mowing and watering the grass).

  8. Lawn care after household facades (mowing and watering).

  9. Service of automatic watering system on front parts of houses and areas of public use (cleaning injectors and replacement purchased by residents nozzles on the front part of the household, winterizing and spring start watering system).

  10. Providing campus navigation system (signs, road markings, etc.).

  11. Coordination of activities of service stuff that ensure the functioning of the town.

  12. Services Manager.

  13. Availability of primary means of fire and access to them.

  14. Sanitary maintenance of water supply, drainage and sewerage drain.

The list of expenses:

  1. Electricity.

  2. Gas supply.

  3. Telephone, high speed Internet, cable TV.

The cost of services depends on the size of the plot and the house's area and is calculated individually. In accordance with the current rates of the service company, the minimum monthly payment equals UAH 1500 (for the smallest plot and household areas).

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