Private Britannica School

Green Hills has became the first cottage community in the Kyiv region, which has opened its own school teaching children from 1 to 12 Grade – a private Britannica School.

The school building with total area of over 1200 sq.m. was designed and constructed with care for future students. Each room here is unique: classes with bright interiors, a cozy dining room and a colorful gym with modern floor covering and sports facilities – every detail is thought through to perfection. The classes are equipped according to the latest technology: ergonomic desks and chairs, electronic boards, modern chemical and physical laboratory, 30 seconds electronic knowledge testing system, the equipment for virtual travel by different epochs, continents, ocean depths and distant planets.

Britannica School was named No.1 Microsoft Showcase School by Microsoft according to its “Partners in Learning Ukraine” program.

The most important goal for us is to make your child love the school, and thereby to make learning incredibly interesting!

Our students do not have boring lesson or mindless rote learning. We integrate disciplines, find the general, highlight the main and try to look beyond. For us, education is a natural process of understanding the world. 

In Britannica School, we care not only for high marks, but also for physical and creative education of our students. In addition to the general education program the school offers creative activities (music studio, art studio, theater studio, journalism, film and photo studio) and sports activities (football, basketball, karate, dancing, yoga, chess).

Even on holidays we offer our inquisitive students to make new discoveries: exhibitions and workshops on various topics, scientific experiments, joint celebrations, sports competitions, summer camps, and many others – that's what allows our school to become a second home for your child.

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