Invitation for the family party in Green Hills

Every year we arrange a family holiday in Green Hills for our residents, friends and guests! It is a great opportunity to chat with future neighbors and to feel the atmosphere of an American style cottage community, if you are choosing the house.
Therefore, we invite you and your family on a Circus Party, which will be held on June 1 from 13:00 to 18:00 in the Green Hills BBQ area. There will be lots of fun for adults and children, a tasty food court and even a bit of extreme:
  • performance of bike jumpers,
  • laser battles from Moyo Kids,
  • the coolest electric scooters and bikes test drive from Maxхter,
  • the show of liquid nitrogen for kids and much more.
On the food court: American street food from Yummy Dogs, drinks from Hendrick's bar, sweets from the confectionery Polverol and charity baking from Dutch Baker 21.3. Follow the announcements on our Facebook page.
Detalis and registration: 044 223 77 33. Let’s start this summer together at Green Hills!