Our community life this summer

Green Hills is not just a cottage town, it is a community that includes residents, a service company, teachers, coaches. Together we take care of our town and have never stopped working for your comfort and safety. The service company every day, during all these months, maintains order and cleanliness, the functioning of all engineering and other systems of the town, security service works 24/7.
The school has resumed work, teachers are gradually establishing contact with students and from June 27 will work in an individual format and micro-groups. And the rest of the summer the school will work in the format of creative, sports and technical activities at the choice of children and parents. The kindergarten also works and prepares many interesting activities for your kids.
Multifunctional sports grounds are open to residents and friends every day at any convenient time. Tennis, football, basketball, beach volleyball, yoga – remember that sport not only keeps you in shape, ut also reduces stress, relieves tension, releases emotions. You can book a time, as usual, in the application for residents.
Life near nature allows you to be outdoors more often, go jogging through the forest or picturesque streets, take evening walks in the park or on the playground, get ice cream in our mini-market and cafe, visit neighbors who have long become best friends!
We are together! We are Ukraine!