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Please note that almost all images used on this site are real photos of Green Hills cottage community! Visit us and see everything personally! If you want to buy a house, cottage, townhouse near Kiev which will combine the original design, interesting and convenient layout and appearance like cozy American homes, Green Hills is a place where you will find for sure such a property.
You can order the construction of the house by one of the existing projects or buy a ready home from our collection.
How to buy a land plot and build a home (PDF, 188 KB)
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If you want to come and see the cottage in Green Hills, please contact our sales department. Our managers will show you the village and advice a good  for good purchase with minimal financial and moral risks.

New house in a cottage community - life is good!

If you need a cozy house with all the facilities, where you could spend not only summer vacation, but live all year round, to spend winter evenings with your family it's all waiting for you at Green Hills cottage community.

We sell houses and cottages in Kyiv region ranging from 90 up to 323 square meters. This is truly a world-class accommodation. Some of the houses are ready and waiting for their lucky owners, others could buy a land plot and build a house on their own. Every house in Green Hills cottage community is a brilliant example of unique architecture and compliance with all building standards.

Find out the equipment of the ready-made homes in Green Hills.