Engineering infrastructure

We fully secured Green Hills with modern engineering systems: automatic watering of common area, centralized sewerage system for household and stormwater, water purification and water supply, modern gas supply, a separate water supply from hydrants installed along the roads for fire safety. 
4 substations feed all Green Hills homes with electricity. The power supply of community’s engineering systems is also backed up by a Volvo diesel-generator set.
Internet and telephony
The optic fiber laid in Green Hills allows all the residents to connect to the high-speed Internet and telephone line from our provider Ukrkom. As long as the Internet connected, our residents have an opportunity to choose digital TV content among those offered on the market. 
Water-supply system
In 2011 Green Hills has completed construction and commissioning of the centralized water-supply and cleaning system. Two 400 m2 reservoirs provide the residents with high-quality artesian potable water. The facility was constructed and equipped with top-notch equipment and in strict accordance to all sanitary regulations in Ukraine. The engine room hosts a modern efficient and reliable pumping system (Lowara, Italy). The water is cleaned in the powerful filtration unit equipped with CLACK (USA) electronic control system and Belgian filters. The system is providing for balanced and regular water supply to all Green Hills residents and is also feeding the community’s fire-security water supply system. 
Sewerage system
Completed and commissioned in 2011, Green Hills’ central sewerage system in equipped with up-to-date equipment: pressure unit Grundfos and Biotal treatment facilities, providing for a professional complete cycle of cleaning and harmless to the environment, which is particularly important for the community’s standards. Moreover, every home has an additional septic as backup option. 
Internet and telephony