Kid's center

Childhood is a special life period, when every day is important and full of happy discoveries. Childhood is a path forward the harmonious and successful future of the realized personality. Therefore, the two Britannica Kids kindergartens located in Green Hills create a special atmosphere that combines family comfort, modern educational systems and innovative teaching methods for preschoolers.
There are four age groups in our kindergarten for the harmonious upbringing of children from two to six years old. Skilled and experienced staff is engaged in the upbringing of the children. The premises were formed taking into account the psychological characteristics and needs of different age groups. Equipment, educational materials, toys and books were carefully selected specifically for Britannica Kids.
Children learn the basics of math, reading, English, geography, painting, learn to feel art and learn the laws of nature. Additionally, your child can attend studios in choreography, vocals, chess, karate and roller sport. Clean suburban air contributes to long walks and a five-time balanced diet always keeps a great healthy appetite. 
Twice a week children are examined by a pediatrician of one of the leading Kyiv clinics, which is a permanent partner of Britannica Kids for already 10 years.
The kindergarten runs from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00.
In Britannica Kids we believe that: "Happiness is to be a child!"