Installment payment plan at 0% interest up to 3 years in summer!

Summer is a great time to move into your own house with a perfect green lawn, a flower garden and a spacious terrace where the whole family can gather on warm evenings! Therefore, we decided to extend the spring offer so that you choose the house of your dreams and do not postpone its purchase.
We offer an interest-free installment plan for 3 years on 3 houses, the construction of which has already started: Richmond # 165, Ottawa # 166 and Yorkton # 182.
This year, many people realized that life outside the city in their own house is the safest, healthiest, sportiest and most comfortable. That is why 20 families have already joined Green Hills this spring!
We invite you to view sites and ready houses in Green Hills! To make an appointment, contact the sales office by phone or fill out the form in Contacts.