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Results of the year 2018

Results of the year 2018

Sales office working schedule during the holidays

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What to consider when choosing a cottage community?

When buying a house in a cottage community, you choose the components of a comfortable life for you and your family. However, you have to consider some moments so your life in the cottage community can be really comfortable and enjoyable.

This winter Green Hills traditionally presents discounts on ready houses. This year our discounts reach 19%! Visit Green Hills and choose a house and a discount for your family!

Finland is the happiest country in the world. This is evidenced in the official UN report from March 2018. For many Finns, the perfect and happy life begins with their own house outside the city.

Great Britain is a country of traditions. art of the British live in apartment buildings or town houses, but most prefer own cottages away from the noisy cities.

Investments in Green Hills from 2008 to 2018

This year Green Hills is 10 years old. Over the decade, Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development plc (DUPD) has invested more than $ 21 million in the cottage community. DUPD continues to develop Green Hills and its infrastructure.

 American dream: how does cottage communities in USA look like

Picturesque streets, houses with a perfect green lawn, children playing together, a friendly barbecue with neighbors on the backyard, cleanliness, safety and comfort – all this is an embodiment of the American dream.

How does the real cottage community look like?

You can start every day enjoying aromatic coffee on an open terrace, or with a morning jog through the forest, if you live in your own house outside the city.

"A horrible journey" quest on Halloween

Green Hills young residents went to search for sweets with the characters of their favorite cartoon – Dracula and his daughter Mavis.

Congrats to our residents on Green Hills 10th anniversary

We prepared some nice gifts for residents to celebrate Green Hills 10th anniversary.

Ноw did Green Hills started? Interview with project curator.

Managers of Dragon Capital came up with this idea in 2008. As travelers they noticed that there are no Western style cottage communities in Ukraine at all...