British cottage communities

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Great Britain is a country of traditions. It is no wonder – kings still rule there. With particular respect the British treat the arrangement of their own house and garden. There are practically no residential buildings in the center of London and in the central parts of other large cities of Britain. Instead of them, there are offices, stock exchanges, banks, trading companies and other business structures. Almost all city residents work in big cities. After the end of the working day, and especially during the weekend, the British return to their own peaceful and comfortable homes.
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Part of the British live in apartment buildings or town houses, but most prefer own cottages away from the noisy cities. English suburbs are modern towns with developed infrastructure, where there are several shops, parks, sports grounds, shopping centers and city transport stops within walking distance. In addition, the best schools and educational institutions in the UK are situated outside the cities. As well as riding clubs, which are very popular among the British. Queen Elizabeth II herself is a real fan of this sport.
Traditionally, private houses in the UK are built of red brick and stone. The Victorian brick houses of with large windows became a special pride of the British. In the cottage communities houses look fabulous.
Like the Americans, the British do not like high fences.. The facades of the English houses create an atmosphere of harmony and comfort, thanks to the traditional English lawns and gardens. Their feature is maximum naturalness, without symmetry and strict lines, but with a deep perspective and variety of grasses and trees.
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The fireplace is a constant attribute of the house in the Foggy Albion. Electric, gas, smokeless firewood, or even just decorative – it always becomes the center of the living room and gathers the whole family together.
Not only ordinary British, but also stars prefer to live away from the noisy cities. For example, the Beckham star couple purchased the cottage in the Alder Edge village 30 kilometers from Manchester after the wedding. After all, outside the city there is everything to relax and gain strength and energy. There is something special in enjoying the taste of traditional British tea on the terrace of your own house, wrapped in a warm blanket.