Infrastructure building progress in Green Hills

Holidays and summer rest has come along with the first summer month, but not for our project team. According to our plan of the cottage development, we continue entrance group building and already has begun roofing and façade establishment, the next steps – utilities’ laying and interior decoration.

After fulfillment of these works, we will equip the entrance group with auto barriers for entrance and exit, at night the area will be closed by additional gates. Building completion is scheduled for early fall.

Along with the entrance group construction, we will expand the Green Hills Deli grocery; total area will be increased by 100 sq.m. Daily purchases for Green Hills residents will become more comfortable as the new store will be more spacious and will store more goods.

Also, the construction of a new kindergarden goes as scheduled, currently we conduct utilities’ laying inside the building, and then will continue interior decoration and landscape arrangement around the house. The new kindergarden will be ready to welcome our young residents by this autumn.