Congrats to our residents on Green Hills 10th anniversary

Green Hills is, first and foremost, our residents and their families who gave life to the cottage community, created its special character and atmosphere. Therefore, we have prepared some nice gifts for them to celebrate Green Hills 10th anniversary.
While our residents slept sweetly, we prepared the small surprises – the thermomugs for aromatic tea or coffee. We also organized a quiz, the winners of which received a gift certificate from our service company. We hope these small gifts were very unexpected and pleasant.
We knew Green Hills’s first residents for 10 years, so the gifts for them were very special – hoverboards. These gifts were not chosen by accident as our town and its infrastructure have grown greatly over the years, and it is already quite difficult to get around it on foot. Our little residents also like hoverboards very much!
We are grateful to all our residents for choosing Green Hills!