What to consider when choosing a cottage community?

When buying a house in a cottage community, you choose the components of a comfortable life for you and your family. However, you have to consider some moments so your life in the cottage community can be really comfortable and enjoyable.
Breathe fresh air, live in a green zone near the forest and lakes is a dream of many Ukrainians. At the same time, if you work in the city, the location of the cottage community becomes extremely important: the more closer it is to the city, transport arteries and developed urban infrastructure, the less time you spend on the road every day. 
Families with children or couples who are preparing to become parents often move to cottage communities. After all, it is so important for parents to create an atmosphere of comfort, safety and happy childhood. 
The significant advantages of a cottage community are children's and sports grounds, green zones, and ideally – own kindergarten and school. When buying a house, pay attention if the infrastructure objects are already functioning, and not just planned. For example, if a mini market and kindergarten are already working, this may indicate the seriousness of the developer's intentions regarding further development of the town.
Make sure a professional company provides the security. Pay attention to the organized passage system for the residents and guests of the town. How easily did you get on the territory to see it?
The perimeter of the cottage community must also be protected. Traffic sensors, additional security points, video cameras, alarm system can be installed here. After all, the safety of the residents is a priority!
Not in every cottage community in Ukraine you can drink clean water from your own wells, use modern high-speed internet, and do not worry about gas supply, electricity and drainage, thanks to centralized engineering networks built in advance. So pay attention to these too!
Think about house care as well. Own service companies usually maintain all infrastructure in cottage communities. They serve common areas and common infrastructure, as well as private houses. Their service may include security, maintenance of utility networks, cleaning and lighting of street, garbage disposal. In winter – cleaning and removal of snow. In addition, service companies provide individual services: from window washing to lawn clipping. Thanks to quality service, your life in the cottage community can be carefree!
Ask yourself if you want to live in your own house with an ideal green lawn so your children grew up in a natural and safe environment. Do you want to celebrate family holidays on the terrace and at the weekend arrange a barbecue with neighbors? If so, maybe you should leave the city for work, and choose a suburb for life?