Installment plan for 2 years for selected houses and plots

In Green Hills cottage community there is an installment for 2 years for selected houses and plots, namely:
Houses – Richmond #101, Yorkton #182, Calgary #100 and Blackstone #906,
Plots – 127, 901, 913, 926, as well as newly opened for sale plots in a cozy corner of town – 191, 192, 194. You can view the location and size of plots in the "Master Plan".
Terms of installments for these houses and plots include:
• First payment of 30%
• Term up to 2 years (the first year – under 0%, the second year – under 10%)
For installment terms for other plots and houses, not listed above, please contact our sales managers – they will be happy to tell you about the individual conditions. And also we invite you to view the ready houses and a tour of the town – by appointment!