About residents of Green Hills

In this article our sales manager Oksana Guzyk tells some interesting stories about our residents, as she knows each one personally from their first visit to Green Hills.
"Our residents are very harmonious families with traditional family values, that’s why there is a special atmosphere in our cottage community, – Oksana says. – They are businesspersons, top-managers and freelancers whose sphere of activity is IT, medicine, journalism, show business, construction and even navigation. Most of them are young parents: 24% of families in Green Hills have one child, 29% two and 12% – three children.
One of our lady-residents is the owner and chef of the famous Kiev confectioneries. More importantly, she is a mother of two wonderful daughters. Her family was one of the first residents in Green Hills. Her second daughter and the idea of an author's confectioneries were both born in our cottage community. Now you can buy her delicious organic confectionery in our Deli & Cafeteria.
Green Hills attracts new residents as it is growing and developing very fast. There are 75 houses occupied and 152 households sold in Green Hills, almost 200 pupils study at our Britannica School. Here we have our own cafeteria, market, fitness center, kindergarten, many sports grounds and kids pay yards. 
Fresh air, natural and aesthetic environment attracts people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and sports. Another our lady-resident is a well-known Ukrainian editor and nutrition counselor. She does jogging, maintains her own blog about healthy food, grows vegetables and herbs on the plot near the house, and even gathers mushrooms in the neighborhood of the cottage community. By the way, the online edition of The Village Ukraine recently published an article and photos of her house interior.
(Фото The Village Ukraine) \
Green Hills environment really contributes to sporting achievements – 2 multifunctional sports grounds for football, basketball and tennis, outdoor simulators and beach volleyball, and a private lawn or a large terrace of any house is an ideal place for yoga or pilates private lessons. Such an infrastructure really saves time and effort, and allows you to maintain yourself in good shape at any time. Our residents play football together; have tennis lessons, even professional one. And we are always happy with their achievements!
We invite you to visit our cottage community, meet our residents and feel the friendly atmosphere in Green Hills!"