Results of the year 2018

The main event of the year 2018 was Green Hills’ 10th birthday! Through the years the cottage community became a real city! As of December 28, 2018:
  • 168 households were sold;
  • 132 houses were built,
  • 81 houses are inhabited
The second building of the Britannica School was opened in September, on the beginning of the school year. It allows children to continue their education until the 12th grade. Construction lasted for 1.5 years and increased the school area by 914 sq.m.
We created a new green park area near the lake with a total area of 2.1 sq.m and a children's playground near. The access road from the Entrance 1 to the Entrance 2 was built. 
Construction of the fitness center continues. The building team finishes the façade works, we completed installation of soft roof and waterproofing on the roof, installed metal-plastic energy-saving windows. Interior design is underway.
We plan to finish the fitness center and the city's central engineering networks, in particular the water purification system in the near future.