The special spring of this year

The whole world is experiencing spring this year in a completely new way. People in the cities are enjoying the short minutes of being outdoors, the flowering of trees and the delight of apricot petals that wind brings to the windowsills. There is even some romance in this.
However, nothing has changed for the residents of Green Hills, except for the fact that the number of guests has become smaller and now "alone with nature" has become really "alone" or with family. We enjoy magnolia flowers, cherries, pears as usually, we breathe the fresh air, play with our children on the green lawn of our yards – in short, we fully enjoy the spring!
We also invite you to visit Green Hills, because the cottage sales department works every day and we will be gladly to arrange a one-on-one meeting for you and show you Green Hills (just don't forget your mask and gloves)! See you!