"Even the stars do it" or "Glamorous vegetable garden"

Michelle Obama works in a vegetable garden outside the White House. Julia Roberts grows vegetables with her kids. Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Oprah Winfrey also have their own seasonal goodies.
European restaurants have been serving their own food for several years. Small vegetable gardens appear right next to the restaurants. Tables are placed next to the garden beds for the eco-atmosphere, and guests can assemble their own vitamin plate.
The principles of healthy eating have taken over the world, and the trend for organic products is gaining momentum every second. People realized that their health and, consequently, a happy future depends on a healthy diet.
Green Hills residents are no exception, and it is not just the healthy eating experts who grow their own greens. Now it is the trend of every resident: to feed guests with their own herbs from well-equipped beds, almost as stylish as a designer dress from Valentino. Almost. Green Hills residents are ready to treat you with herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries, even their own blueberries, so come visit our town!