Green Hills is developing and becoming more comfortable for living

Green Hills is the first American cottage community in Ukraine, built by the British developer Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development, with a fully functioning social and engineering infrastructure.

Since the start of sales in 2009, 67 housesholds are sold in the village. "Today, 35 families live in Green Hills and 10 new houses are being constructed. Thus we expect that by the end of this year the village will become a home for about 45 families", says Volodymyr Tymochko, partner of Dragon Capital, Yead of project Green Hills cottage community.

Infrastructure and a high-quality service allows our residents to forget about all daily problems: at the site, there are a grocery store, a private medical center, a private kid's center and playground, multi-sports court, a court for beach volleyball and open air fitness equipment. The town is guarded round the clock and is serviced by a professional service company. Today, a private school is being constructed here and will be  opened in September 2015.

Green Hills is located in an ecologically clean area near the village of Vita-Poshtova, 10 km apart from Kiev, surrounded by a picturesque forest and three lakes. We offer plpots for sale from 6 to 14 ares with ready-made houses or for construction by one of the 15 model projects.

Investor and developer of Green Hills is British investment fund Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development (DUPD).

DUPD was created by Dragon Capital investment company in February 2007 with a purpose of investing into residential and commercial real estate projects in Ukraine and has since invested over $250 million in a number of projects including Green Hills gated community, Riviera Villas Exclusive Residence Club, DIY-hypermarkets "Nova Liniya" and Arricano company investing in commercial real estate (shopping malls Skymall, Rayon, Prospekt (Kiev), Sun Gallery (Kriviy Rih), City Mall (Zaporizhzhya), South Gallery (Simferopol) and other shopping centers).