American dream: how does cottage communities in USA look like

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When you think of the American town, what do you imagine? Picturesque streets, houses with a perfect green lawn, children playing together, a friendly barbecue with neighbors on the backyard, cleanliness, safety and comfort – all this is an embodiment of the American dream.
The special attributes of American cottage communities are ideal green lawns and the absence of high fences, because neighbors often communicate, trust and respect each other’s privacy. The exterior of the house is usually coordinated with neighbors. In the new cottage communities, houses are built in the same style. All this makes the streets so picturesque and cozy.
Waunakee village, USA
In general, cottage communities in the United States have a special atmosphere of good neighborliness. Residents often spend time together on national holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, on charity fairs, matches of local sports teams.
Americans especially like barbecues. Barbecue areas are arranged both in the back yards of private houses, and simply in parks with stationary outdoor grills and tables.
Black Apple Community, USA
There are usually kindergartens, sports and playgrounds, cafes and shops, sometimes schools, directly in the cottage communities. However, You will not meet the large supermarkets there. And there is no need in them – weekend shopping trips have long become a family tradition for many Americans.
Americans work in big cities, where it is convenient to have an office, attend business meetings and events. However, they choose cottage communities in the suburbs to live in. 
Waunakee village, USA