Childhood in a cottage community

Childhood in a cottage town is very different from childhood in a big city. Did you know that according to research, 3 out of 10 school children gain weight before graduation, 5 have vision problems, and most have back problems?
You might say: "Digital generation, what can we do?" However, if you give children the freedom and space, as in Green Hills, the opportunity to shoot videos for TikTok or photos ащк Instagram not in four walls, but in the fresh air, and the choice of where to go or ride today, you will be surprised! After all, freedom inspires movement!
And what about child safety? Come to Green Hills and the first thing you will see are kids riding bicycles, rollers and skates. Gyroboards parked near a park or sports ground. And parents who are quietly busy at home, because they know that the town is safe, and everyone your child will meet on the street – are friends! 
Interesting things to do also inspire the movement. Our kids, for example, help their parents grow herbs, berries and fruits, and are happy to tell about it when they treat guests. Well, in the end, it is also more pleasant to be photographed among roses.
And of course there arer lots of opportunities for sports in the cottage town. At kindergarten children learn to ride roller skates, at school they have various sports sections, football, basketball. Many children and parents play tennis with a coach on our multifunctional courts. Here, by the way, is also our little tennis player!