Eco-Friendly cottage community

Green Hills is not an ordinary Ukrainian town. We sort garbage, clean up the streets after our pets, purify waste water to reuse it. Read more about the eco-initiatives of our town.
1) All dogs do it... But not everyone clean "it" after them. According to polls: 78% of Ukrainians consider themselves Europeans, 30% are owners of dogs, but only 1% clean up the streets after their pets.
In Green Hills we have special stations with packages for cleaning. We care about the health of our children, our pets and the aesthetic component as well.
2) Organic waste, recyclables and solid household waste are sorted and disposed of separately in our cottage community. We work with two companies that are in the removal and recycling of garbage.
3) We clean and reuse sewage for irrigating of the Green Hills green areas. Biotal treatment system, thanks to special bacteria, purify sewage water and it can be safely used for technical purposes, such as watering.
4) The irrigation of Green Hills is carried out by an automatic system based on the analysis of weather conditions such as humidity and rainfall, time of day and temperature. It also helps to save water and electricity.
5) The artificial lighting of the common areas is switched on and off automatically only when a certain low level of natural light is reached (in other words, when it is quite dark outside). So we use less electricity.
6) We are educating the future generation of eco-conscious people! Our Britannica School students from 1st grade learn the basics of caring for our planet: conduct seminars and lectures, sort garbage, clean up in parks and gardens, plant flowers and trees and much more!