Finnish happiness: cottage communities in the happiest country of the World

Special project "City outside the city" radio NV
Finland is the happiest country in the world. This is evidenced in the official UN report from March 2018. For many Finns, the perfect and happy life begins with their own house outside the city.
Finns choose small towns near rivers, lakes, in the forest and at the foot of the mountains to live in. Finns first build infrastructure, communications, roads, equip the territory, and only then sell the plots and  houses in their cottage communities. There are streets with small houses in one style, ideal green lawns and cycling trails in cottage communities, аs finns are huge fans of bicycles.
Ecology and proximity to nature are important aspects of Finns’ life. Not without reason the world-famous typical Finnish house is made of wood. Finnish houses are really practical, high-quality and comfortable. An integral part of this house is a fireplace. It can be located not only inside but also outside the house. Such street fireplaces are often equipped with a grill to cook directly on the terrace. A sauna is also an integral part of the Finnish house.
Real estate developer carefully combine nature with modernity. As an example, the newly built town in southern Finland is 90% located in the woods and all the houses are well integrated into the natural landscape. At the same time, there is everything necessary for a full and happy life: centralized urban water supply and sewage system, waste containers, safety and security system. Nearby there are a children's amusement park, a golf club, a paintball center and a ski resort, as almost all Finns are skilled skiers.
It seems that the secret of Finnish happiness is in the unity with nature, in their own home outside the city, dinner with family at the fireplace and cycling walks in a picturesque Finnish forest.