Interior design trends in 2019

The designers of our Capital Construction architectural studio traditionally visited the interior design exhibition in Milan – Salone del Mobile.Milano – to contact with the best designers from all over the world, get inspired by their work and design the interior of your home in Green Hills in accordance with the latest trends. Next we will describe this year’s 5 interesting trends.
1) 1960s are still in fashion. Throughout 2018, here and there, we saw furniture with sloping wooden legs, low sideboards with sliding doors, soft colored chairs with wooden armrests. This style – homely and very warm – is perfect for a country house.
2) Urban Jungle is a style with use of many plants, especially tropical ones, prints and decor with them. It makes your home look like a greenhouse in a botanical garden. More green color, more fresh air, more style!
3) The lack of sharp corners is not only feng shui, but also in trend. The table sould be round or oval, even if it is rectangular – its corners have to be rounded.
4) The mirrors of different shapes and colors occupy an important place in the modern interior – not only aesthetically, but also expanding the space, calling the viewer into the Wonderland.
5) Marble looks elegant and appropriate almost everywhere on the Milan exhibition: embedded in furniture, lighting and art installations. The combination of marble and ceramics with textiles, leather, wood and metal attracts attention. The unique texture of marble perfectly coexists with soft furniture.