Development plan of Green Hills cottage community

On 1 September at 9:00, will be held the Celebration of the first call and opening of Britannica School in Green Hills.
The works on interior design and landscaping of the school territory are carried out. All classrooms and rest rooms are equipped with modern and safe equipment that comply with all applicable norms and standards. Also at the school territory, we will build a kid's playground. Currently, the school selected 53 students (8 of which are residents of Green Hills), and selection continues. Classes 1 to 4 are already formed. In general, schoolchildren will learn 1 to 9 classes. Each class will have 16 -18 children. Accordingly, the total number of Britannica School students in 2020 academic year will count up to 150 talented students.
Entry group
After completing school, we will start the construction of a permanent entry group. During the day there will be two barriers here for entry and exit. At night the area will be closed by additional gates.
Our grocery store Green Hills Deli will grow along with entry group. At least 100 m2 of additional space will place even greater store range of products for the residents of Green Hills.
We plan to build WC between the barbecue area and sports ground. Currently, a tender for the construction work is held.
For the convenience of sports fans there will be special places for changing here.
In 2015 Green Hills will see a few new roads. We have already built two roads with parking on both sides of the school. One parking space is located in Green Hills territory, the second is the one for guests at the entrance of the school.
By the end of August, we plan to pave the streets Lexington avenue and Park street on the territory of the second stage of construction.