How does the real cottage community look like?

Special project "City outside the city" radio NV.
You can start every day enjoying aromatic coffee on an open terrace, or with a morning jog through the forest, if you live in your own house outside the city.
At the same time, reflecting on the construction of house and utilities, the conclusion of housing and utility agreements, the life outside the city seems not so romantic. Of course, you can buy a ready house, but such daily household issues as garbage collection, site maintenance, and safety remain. 
You can enjoy life in a house with a perfect green lawn, a flowering garden and pleasant neighbors nearby, without thinking about all these complex nuances, if your home is located in a modern cottage community. Here everything is provided by the developer and own service company: from building a house to its further maintenance. Such cottage communities are usual for the United States, Britain and other European countries.
Country real estate market in Ukrainian is just developing. However, there are such cottage communities near Kiev. They are equipped with kids’ playgrounds and sports grounds, squares and recreation areas, shops. Some even have their own kindergartens and schools, cafes and restaurants.
Each cottage community has its own service company, which takes care of the common territories, collects garbage, removes snow, repairs utilities, and ensures the safety and security of residents. Service company can also provide an individual services.
There is a special atmosphere of good neighborliness, tranquility and comfort in the cottage communities. Communication with neighbors does not interfere with solitude and home comfort here. Sometimes there are no fences between the sites, only a living flowering fence. Residents often celebrate Christmas and New Year together, arrange barbecues and picnics.
Residents of the cottage communities feel more secured. The territory is usually closed, has security, video surveillance and alarm systems. Therefore, children can play on the grounds without parental control, and adults can walk around the town even late in the evening.
You can enjoy the tranquility, the beauty of nature, clean air, and at the same time comfort and safety. Leave the city to work in and choose cottage community to live in.