Vitalina Medyana described the state of cottage real estate market

Vitalina Medyanaya, sales director of Dragon-UkrainianProperties & Development, participated in the round table& discussion on the topic of "Real estate market climate and the new tools for its activation", organized by Dengi magazine.

September 3, 2013 Dengi magazine held a round table. The participants were presented by the best real estate market experts - representatives of developers, financiers, and government, responsible for support of mortgage crediting.

Roundtable participants gave a professional assessment of the current situation on the Ukrainian real estate market, told about the impact of the crisis on the price level and the amount of sales, changes in the portrait of the potential buyer, and also made some predictions about the further development of the sector.

Within roundtable Vitalina Medyana described the current situation on the cottage real estate market in Kiev and Kiev region, and shared the prospects of the suburb real estate sector development as a whole.

“We have noticed the recovery in the real estate market since the beginning of this year. Buyers have realized that the price bottom has already come and the further price drop is not expected. The highest demand is for houses, which cost up to $ 200 thousand. There are also the business-class customers, who are looking for houses in gated communities with well-developed infrastructure. The prices rise only in the most valuable and successful projects. We witness a price hike up to 5% in business-class projects. For example, in the Green Hills, gated community, the prices rose by 20-25% since we started the sales in2009“- said Vitalina Medyana, sales director of Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development.

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