The results of water study in Green Hills

We constantly monitor the quality of drinking water in Green Hills. According to the results of research in January 2018, the sanitary-chemical indicators of the samples fully comply with the hygiene requirements for human consumption water.
According to the conclusion of the state laboratory in the Kiev region, water is clear, it has a bland taste, no sediment, pH level – 7.5 at normal rate of 6.5-8.5. Low levels of ammonia, nitrates and nitrite tell us about the high degree of water purification. The iron content – 0.17 mg/l is also within norm’s level. The record of testing>>
Cleaning and disinfection of water reservoirs, as well as regeneration and flushing of filters were carried out in summer 2018. Experts examined two wells of drinking water using a video camera, cleaned columns, pipes, perforation holes and filter meshes.
Such works are carried out annually as they are necessary for the quality functioning of the system and uninterrupted supply of clean water. Water quality research is conducted in Green Hills quarterly. We take care of our residents and do our best to ensure that they and their families drink only clean and high-quality water!