Houses of brick

Brick is considered to be the most reliable material for building houses.

Brick houses do not lose their functional characteristics such as durability and strength for centuries. Their appearance at the same time remains unchanged.

The main benefits of choosing bricks for your house:

1. Strength is one of the most important qualities of this material. Buildings of brick are the most durable and properly constructed brick building can stand for 100-150 years without repair of the facade. Brick walls survive in frost, rain, heat and can withstand the destruction of weather and other biological factors.

2. Environmental friendliness. Brick is made of clay, sand and water. It is a natural, environmentally friendly material and does not contain substances harmful to humans. However, it is not subject to the processes of decay and attacks of pests unlike wood, which needs the additional protection treatment before construction.

3. Friendly microclimate. With its breathable structure the brick walls will always "breathe". Walls of brick regulate humidity in the house, providing a favorable microclimate in your home at any time of the year. In rain, snow or windy weather the brick house will always be dry and warm, and the humidity will be evenly distributed throughout the premises.

4. Refractoriness. Since the brick walls do not burn, the possibility of fire in the brick building is minimized. If the fire happens the brick walls are not destroyed, although they lose strength after very strong fire.

5. Noise insulation. Brick walls are a good sound barrier; they provide reliable sound insulation for your home.