Wood-frame houses

Modern technologies of frame houses which are used for 95% of houses in Canada allow them not to be inferior in the strength and durability to the houses of other materials.
At the same time frame houses have a number of advantages:
1. Thermal protection. In winter wood-frame and other wooden houses can be quickly warmed up to a comfortable temperature, as they have a low heat capacity of the walls and ceilings and high heat protection.
2. High speed and relatively low cost of construction.
3. Reliability. Less chance of damage to the house due to design errors or soil properties. Low weight frame combined with very rigid materials provide less sensitivity to destruction due to the nature of soil or home's own weight. Also, thanks to the ease of construction, the building does not require massive foundation.
4. Multiseasonal construction. The absence of "wet" works in the construction process and smooth surfaces make the house easy to finish.
5. Fire resistance. The beams of laminated or impregnated wood are more reliable in case of a fire than concrete or metal, which at a high temperature lose strength. Laminated beams or impregnated wood just smolder slowly without losing structural strength for a long time.