Green Hills residents set the national record "The largest race of the cottage town residents" in Ukraine

This weekend, the Green Hills residents once again showed how sporty, friendly and motivated our community is! And this was officially confirmed by the National Register of Records of Ukraine – the Record of Ukraine " The largest race of the cottage town residents" has been set!
Participants from 6 months to 81 years old ran a distance of 2 km –101 Green Hills residents in total. By the way, before setting the record, the coaches of Green Hills fitness & spa gave us a cool warm-up.
The race took place as part of a traditional family holiday, which this year we called Sport Picnic. For young residents we arranged a children's race for 300 meters, a zone of relay and trampolines and entertainment with animators. Adults attended the Open Day at Green Hills fitness & spa, took a fitness tests, work outs and listened to a lecture on healthy eating. We assigned nominations to the most active members of the club and gave them nice prizes.
The day was hot and active, so we are very grateful to our partners Perrier and Vittel, who helped quench the thirst of our athletes with delicious mineral water!
In the evening, the residents celebrated the Record together in a picnic area with a delicious treat, and the kids watched an open-air movie with popcorn!
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