Memories of a summer in Green Hills

Every year we make several photo shoots of Green Hills residents and friends, employees of the service company and the sales department managers to convey to you the atmosphere of the cottage community as it is.
Summer is the time of the brightest moments. For many residents, a summer day begins with a morning swim in their own pool. It's the perfect way to get energized before a busy day.
Some residents start the day with private tennis practice. Sports grounds on the territory are probably the most unifying factor for both adult residents and children. In addition to the fact that private training takes place here, residents often gather together for friendly competitions in volleyball, football, and basketball.
By the way, at the beginning of this year, we held a sports event in various sports and invited friends of the town to join and compete with the residents. Sometimes our residents participate as a team in sports events of friendly residential complexes and cottage towns.
Children in Green Hills make friends from birth, to kindergarten and school, which are located right on the territory of the town. Country life for children in a cottage complex like Green Hills is very rich and interesting. The closed territory of the town is guarded, so parents do not worry when children go for a walk with friends or go to school. Children's and sports grounds, green areas and fresh air, swimming pools – all this in the summer allows children spend time actively.
And evenings at Green Hills are a time for gatherings with friends and neighbors (which are often the same thing). Delicious food and good company make every evening unforgettable.
Green Hills is not just a place to live, it's a community that always sticks together and supports each other. Here we create special moments together and keep happy memories. We invite you to a tour of the town!